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Weekly Pool Service

Service Includes:

  • Balance Chemicals
  • Filtration System Operation Inspection
  • Manual Cleaning
  • Work to Create Sparkling and Safe water

Chemicals and Filtering

  • Each Visit Chlorine and pH levels checked digitally and adjusted to keep the pool water at optimum levels.
  • Monthly TDS Alkalinity, phosphates, calcium hardness, and cyanuric acid checked
  • Monthly The pump, filter and related equipment checked and cleaned if necessary (back washing, and cleaning the filters as needed.)

****ALL pleated/cartridge filter cleaning incur a $59 charges for disassembling and reassembling. Filters will be done every 3 months ****

Manual Cleaning:

  • Each Visit Pool and Spa tile brushing (sides as needed)
  • Each Visit Vacuum as needed (pool must have properly working self cleaning system)
  • Each Visit Pool and spa will be skimmed and baskets emptied

Report Card and Invoice:

  • Each Visit record date and chemicals used on report card and left in timer box Invoice sent via email or left in convenient location