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Swimming Pool Rust Removal

Customers frequently ask if resurfacing the pool will solve the rust removal problem. Yes, and no.

If the pool is replastered without rust removal, the stain will work it’s way through the new plaster causing a new rust stain on your new plaster. The corrosion must be removed from the re-bar!

A re-bar stain in a swimming pool or spa is a serious issue!

Rusting re-bar will continue to corrode within the pool structure until all corrosion is safely removed. Although the bleed through stains may be small in size, the fact is the corrosion beneath the plaster (in the gunite) is always larger in scale (see our photos for examples). “Left untreated, rusted rebar will eventually rust the entire pool”

Please contact Arizona Pool Restoration immediately to make an appointment to evaluate your pool’s rust removal situation.

We encourage you to fill out our contact us form with a brief description of your pool’s current status and problems. We are here to service your needs, and provide the best possible rust removal solution.

When it comes to Rust Removal, “We’re Clearly Different”

Dear Jim, Please convey my heartfelt gratitude to your son James for his kindness and his care in removing the loose adobe from my house. I appreciate his efforts as well as the time he took to clean up all the loose adobe from the sandblasting that covered the patios, porches, and along the front wall by the cactus. I felt his empathy for my emotion in seeing my adobe turn to dust. James and his crew took the extra effort to make this experience a little easier for me. Thank you, too, for working me into your schedule. I wish you and your family a happy holiday season. Cindy


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