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An experienced service technician from Arizona Pool Restoration will arrive at your home on time and prepared to complete all your pool calcium cleaning needs. We will lower your pools water level just enough to reveal the pool calcium and mineral deposits on your pool tile or pebble-tec. In an effort to conserve water, we never need to drain your pool.

In fact we usually only need to remove 3 to 4 inches of water to perform our pool tile cleaning & pebble-tec cleaning service. Now that the proper amount of water has been removed and all of the pool calcium deposits exposed, your technician will begin the Stone & Water Features cleaning / pebble tec cleaning process with our industry leading, state of the art equipment that has been specifically designed for swimming pool calcium removal. The most effective way to clean all Stone & Water features With the use of compressed air, we gently apply a soft, eco-friendly cleaning media, specifically designed for Stone & Water Features in removing calcium from its surfaces. Unlike many of our competitors, Arizona Pool Restorations WILL NEVER USE GLASS BEADS to clean pool tile. Glass bead can scratch your delicate pool tile and permanently damage its surface. Our techniques are always chemical free, safe for your family and pets and will never etch or damage your pool tile.

Dear Jim, Please convey my heartfelt gratitude to your son James for his kindness and his care in removing the loose adobe from my house. I appreciate his efforts as well as the time he took to clean up all the loose adobe from the sandblasting that covered the patios, porches, and along the front wall by the cactus. I felt his empathy for my emotion in seeing my adobe turn to dust. James and his crew took the extra effort to make this experience a little easier for me. Thank you, too, for working me into your schedule. I wish you and your family a happy holiday season. Cindy


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