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Pool Tile Cleaning and Calcium Removal

We use air driven equipment that blasts a “soft crystal” to remove the calcium from pool tile. Most of the “tile cleaners” in Tucson have used inexpensive water pressure systems (4000 – 5000 psi) and they add sand or glass beads or grit to the stream of water. This is known as “removal by abrasives”…

The problem: this process will very likely damage your pool tile.

(We have seen this over and over again.)

Our system uses very sophisticated and costly equipment. We have a full size air compressor that stays connected to our truck and we bring the crystal pot, which is the size of a large two wheel dolly, to the pool side. Then an air hose delivers (40-50 psi) of the “soft crystal” to the calcium laden pool tile. This non-chemical and non-polluting “soft crystal” disintegrates as it strikes the calcium and “pops” it off. The spent “soft crystal” falls to the bottom of the pool where we vacuum it up with our “Jet Vacuum System”.

We remove 90% to 100% of the spent crystal from the bottom of your pool

The remaining very fine particles of calcium and other debris left suspended in the water and is cared for very easily by your filter. You can rinse the filter in a day or two if you want but it will not cause any harm to your pool equipment. Our “soft crystal” has absolutely no effect on the water chemistry and you can swim immediately after our professional and friendly crew finishes cleaning up the area, leaving your pool better than we found it.


Dear Jim, Please convey my heartfelt gratitude to your son James for his kindness and his care in removing the loose adobe from my house. I appreciate his efforts as well as the time he took to clean up all the loose adobe from the sandblasting that covered the patios, porches, and along the front wall by the cactus. I felt his empathy for my emotion in seeing my adobe turn to dust. James and his crew took the extra effort to make this experience a little easier for me. Thank you, too, for working me into your schedule. I wish you and your family a happy holiday season. Cindy


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