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Emergency Swimming Pool Equipment Repair in Tucson, AZ

Arizona Pool Restorations has over 20 years of experience in the pool equipment Repair, pool tile cleaning, and pool service industry, therefore, we understand the importance of finding
a qualified technician able to help you & your pool in Tucson. For the benefit of our clients and their needs, we offer emergency pool equipment repair service.

We offer routine preventative maintenance that we, as experts believe, is key to extending the life of your pool equipment. Bypassing the preventive maintenance or having an improper handling of repairs may become more expensive to fix in the long run.


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Arizona Pool Restorations specializes in the following pool equipment repair:

Pool Water Pump Repair / Motor Repair

It is the main part of the swimming pool’s circulation system that takes water from the pool through the main drain to the filter and returns it back to the main pool. When the water pump is starting to have issues, your pool will not be able to properly filter and pump clean water. Usually you will know because the water looks dirty or cloudy and can encourage algae. As soon as possible get a call to us and we will help you to solve this inconvenience!

Pool Cleaner System Repair or Replacement

When these cleaning systems or crawler heads stop working it will be very difficult to find someone that can replace or repair or rebuild it quickly and at an affordable cost. At Arizona Pool Restorations, we know this is a common issue, and we believe that we can offer an outstanding service that has great price.

Pool Heater Repair

Arizona Pool Restorations will repair your pool heater or replace it so your pool heater will allow you to swim in your pool at any moment. If the heater is malfunctioning we will check the pumps, heater pilot and the gas valve and any other components on the system at an affordable and low price for our Tucson clients.


…and many, many more!

Just call the pool repair hotline for immediate service (520) 909-4546, we will respond quickly and efficiently to your pool repair needs.