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Plaster & Pebble Tec Cleaning

How does Arizona Pool Restorations clean your Plaster or Pebble-Tec? With the use of compressed air, we apply a variety of non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning medias that safely cleaning pebble-tec and removing calcium from pools, spas and fountains not only quick, but affordable and without having to drain your pool. We also use a non-toxic solution that melts away the calcium and most stains away. A couple weeks before we do the cleaning process we put a calcium softener in the pool or spa water that gets the calcium build-up on the sides of the pool but under water to be soft enough to remove after the water is removed. Then with a special formulated blend of calcium and stain removers we bathe the plaster or pebble tec. We spread the solution and leave in place for up to a half hour then rinse with water. The waste produce is not harmful to the surroundings. This process is repeated if necessary. After the plaster or pebble tec has been cleaned we can install a Densifier that hardens and water-proofs to recondition the plaster and pebble tec. We all know Calcium makes strong bones and teeth, but it can make a mess of your swimming pool tiles and pebble tec. The fact is most water in the 11 Western states is high in calcium chloride, which forms unsightly and hard to remove deposits on surfaces like tile. Other benefits include:

  • 100% Non Hazardous – Safe for family, pets and pool equipment
  • PH Neutral – Will not change your pool water chemical chemistry
  • Effective on all plaster & pebble tec, rock, stone, brick, and flagstone

Dear Jim, Please convey my heartfelt gratitude to your son James for his kindness and his care in removing the loose adobe from my house. I appreciate his efforts as well as the time he took to clean up all the loose adobe from the sandblasting that covered the patios, porches, and along the front wall by the cactus. I felt his empathy for my emotion in seeing my adobe turn to dust. James and his crew took the extra effort to make this experience a little easier for me. Thank you, too, for working me into your schedule. I wish you and your family a happy holiday season. Cindy


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