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Don’t be a Drip!


Do you like the rain? It seems that the majority of Tucson’s residents really like the rain. My mom called the rain, liquid sunshine. She was kind of an optimist though I never thought of her in that capacity until after she’s been gone for 13 years, Of course! When the rain is lacking we

Is The Deck Around Your Pool Really “Kool”?


People often call us (520-909-4546) at our office here in Kleindale Business Park and want us to replace their cool deck. What then is cool deck? Well, as a child of the 60’s I do hope your deck is cool enough to blow the minds of the cats around you. Dig?. But really, most just want to save

Fill er up.


When I was growing up I worked in gas stations where an attendant would actually come to your car while you sat behind the wheel and he’d offer to help you with your needs. (Out of our mouths came the same question over and over again: “Fill ‘er up”?) Eventually the Full Service filling station

When Should I Hire a Pro and When Should I Do It Myself?

Pool Tile Cleaning

Don’t forget to take a look at our “Before & After” tile cleaning examples before you leave the website. I have seen tile cleaning methods from the questionable to the ridiculous, most of which claim to be easy or cheap.  Have you had similar experiences in your field of expertise? Perhaps you have heard, “cheap things are never good

Portable Swimming Pool Reverse Osmosis Systems

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A standard practice for pool owners is to periodically drain the swimming pool to reduce calcium and magnesium hardness as well as other water contaminants. A swimming pool reverse osmosis unit has been developed that can remove common impurities without replacing the vast majority of the water.   How it Works The swimming pool nanofiltration

Puripool system


Excessively hard water is a problem for swimming pools. Calcium absorbs chlorine rapidly, taking it out of service. It is very difficult to balance your chemistry when your pool is full of dissolved minerals. You find yourself adding more and more chemicals to try and maintain a clean pool. You can feel and smell these

Mobile RO In Growth Mode


Despite a generally flat pool market, some niche areas of the industry have enjoyed solid growth in the past year. In southern California, a technology known as Mobile RO, which filters pool water more completely than is possible through traditional means — and thereby obviates drain and fill procedures — is catching on and producing

How to treat and avoid pool staining and discoloration problems?


Staining is a detraction from the overall appearance or aesthetics of the pool, as well as an annoyance. Colored stained walls, floors, steps and other underwater surfaces can result from the untreated presence of heavy metals, such as iron, manganese and copper, in the pool water. These metals can occur naturally in water (especially well

Plaster Flaking, Spalling and Delaminations


When cement, sand, and water are mixed to form pool plaster, about twice as much water is added as is really needed to hydrate all of the cement. This is done because if the mixture is too dry and thick, it is almost impossible to place and trowel to a smooth finish. ​ What happens

Water Purification Via Reverse Osmosis


You can have swimmingly pure pool water in salt water pools or regular swimming pools with reverse osmosis water purification! ​​​​​We have available the best technology for removing calcium, the accumulation of old chemicals, bacterias, viruses and anything else that is not supposed to be in your pool water. It is best to have any